Crimea. The Emperor’s Dream

Documentary Crimea. The Emperor's Dream Crimea. The Emperor´s Dream STORY This movie is a political film about the future of the Europe and Crimea. There were always a lot of conflicts around the peninsula Crimea. Just recently in 2014 this area was disputed territory between Russian Federation and Ukraine. Our heroes play war in a...

Unter dem Pflug der Zeit

Documentary Unter dem Pflug der Zeit Unter dem Pflug der Zeit STORY Documentary about a Theatre Project in Strellc/Kosovo. In the center of the performance is an historic Kulla (typical kosovar stone house). Directed by Daniel Dlouhy. DEUTSCHE BESCHREIBUNG Am 7. Juli 2018 fand zum ersten Mal ein von Andreas Pronegg und Katka Csanyiova initiiertes Kulturfestival...


Film Production ALMEN (Series) ALMEN STORY Two people alone on a hill farm far away from the rest of the world. Or so it seems.... Directed by Daniel Dlouhy Written by Daniel Dlouhy and Stefan Abermann Camera: Georg Simbeni 2nd Unit Camera and Lighting: Bertram Walser Sound recording: Simone Mo Prischl Set Assistent: Elia Urban...


Music Video Fading Fading (Mainfelt) STORY Music Video for the italian folk band MAINFELT. Party time at a church. with Mainfelt, Josy Bressel, Christian Angerer, Michael Christanell, Lukas Altstätter, Eli Soares, Adele Beikircher, Valentina Spögler, Eva Maria Schlechtleitner, Hannah Bachmann, André und Yannick, The Red Lion's Mc Andreas Pföstl, Georg Winkler, Valentina Bagnis, Franz Eberhöfer,...

Mainfelt – One Last Time (Music Video)

Music Video One last time One Last Time STORY Music Video for the italian folk band MAINFELT. Concept & Director: Daniel Dlouhy Editor: Daniel Dlouhy Camera: Bert Walser Production Mainfelt & Tante Gert Medien Music by Mainfelt www.mainfelt.com

Wegmacher Haus – Documentary

Documentary Wegmacher Haus Wegmacher Haus (Inzing) STORY Documentary Austria 2011 12 min Digital HD A short documentary about the WegmacherHaus in Inzing/Tirol. One of the oldest houses in this area with its typical unique look. A film about architecture displayed by the stories of three old man, who used to live in that house a...


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