Feature Documentary


Österreich 2021 / 94 min / Digital 2K
Deutsch mit deutschen oder englische Untertitel; Audiodeskription

Regie: Lukas Ladner
Production: Bunny Beach Film (Daniel Dlouhy) und
Golden Girls Film (Arash T. Riahi, Peter Drössler, Sabine Gruber)
Camera: Lukas Ladner, Gregor Perle
Editor: Lisa Zoe Geretschläger
Sound Mixing and Composition: Isobel Cope
Sound Post Production Studio: Chromatix Meran
Colour Grading Post Production: Golden Girls Film

Eva-Maria works as a secretary at a teacher training college. A position she is very proud of. It was not easy to get this job, because she has been dependent on a wheelchair since her childhood due to spastic cerebral palsy.
However, Eva-Maria has never let herself be intimidated. She knows what she wants and how to get it. Without compromise, she wants to create the life she has always dreamed of. One of her biggest dreams: a child of her own. With the help of in vitro fertilization, she now wants to fulfil this wish for herself.
Supported by her family and accompanied by her assistants, she tackles “the child project”. But her situation is unknown territory for everyone. The peculiarities of her body present new and unfamiliar challenges to both medicine and her assistants. Documented by one of her assistants, this film provides an unusually intimate insight into a life beyond conventional family planning.