Events PolitFilmFestival Trailer 2020 What is it about The Festival is based in Innsbruck/Austria and is taking place annually in January. And there is more. The Politfilmfestival on Tour is a road show happening all year round. The selected program is shown in different locations and countries. Since 2018 it has been in Austria, Germany,...

Innsbruck Nature Film Festival

Events Innsbruck Nature Film Festival Trailer 2020 What is it about Seit 2019 beraten, planen, organisieren und programmieren wir das Innsbruck Nature Film Festival (INFF). Kurz oder lang, als Dokumentation oder Story, nachdenklich, sachlich, schockierend, faszinierend, reflektierend und auch einfach nur schön. So werden die Filme sein, die dem Publikum vom 6.-9.10.2020 in Innsbruck gezeigt...

filmfest rejected

Events filmfest rejected (2009 - 2013) filmfest rejected What is it about (Abstract from and interview for www.screenanarchy.com) Rejected is a small film festival in Innsbruck, a town in the center of the Austrian Alpine region of Tyrol. Rejected shows movies that got rejcted from other festivals "because getting rejected does not mean that a...


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